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Cooperative, Not Competitive

Most other large social networks are advertising-focused broadcasting systems where people are less important than how the social network makes money by feeding you ads.
Bizmentum is a real community built for people, not corporations and advertisers. 
Our community residents are business professionals and entrepreneurs with a committed culture of cooperating and working together to helping each other succeed.

I like how personable Bizmentum is.  I've already connected with someone I have hired to do writing for me. I found her here--when frankly, I didn't know where to turn to find a professional writer. I was also able to help another member with something. It's a place to find leads, while simultaneously helping one another.
- Julie Williams, Voiceover Artist and Trainer

Why You Should Join Bizmentum

  • Get Referrals: Ability to connect with other people looking to do business. Our members prefer to work with others within the community
  • Find Help: Find the people, tools, and resources you need to succeed in your career or business
  • Resources: Many fantastic free resources such as online courses, tool reviews, discussion forums, and more
  • Conversations: Spam-free, moderated community where facilitators keep the conversations going
  • Ground Floor: Be part of building the newest premier business connection network on the Internet and reap the benefits of being an early community leader
  • Mobile-Friendly: Participate in the Bizmentum community from your computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

I like the idea of an online networking group focused on referrals that I can access from anywhere in the world (and where I can meet anyone from anywhere in the world). I am looking for a community that works better than LinkedIn, which is more focused on actual connections and I think Bizmentum has that potential.
- Riley Haas, Digital Marketing Consultant

Bizmentum at Work

An example of people making the connections they need.

Our Plans

We offer two plans, Connex (Free) and Connex+ (More Resources & Opportunity). Here is a breakdown of the two plans.

Connex (Free)

Our free plan offers the following community membership opportunities:
✅ask questions
✅share your articles & videos
✅be listed in our skills database
✅searchable member profile
✅find skills and people you need in our skills database
✅give referrals
✅get referrals
✅live online member meetups
✅free online business networking training
✅free Reducing Distractions course
✅free Work/Life Balance course
✅free live webinars

Connex + ($12/mo or $97/yr USD)

✅all free Connex membership benefits plus...
✅post your own events to our events calendar
✅post special offers for our members
✅Bizmentum Brainstorm Group bonus membership ($450 value)
✅Member spotlight interview
✅1 hour of Business/Time Management coaching (value $125)
✅Time Management: Step by Step course (value $97)
✅Virtual Assistant Mentorship Program membership (value $97)
✅Effective Meetings course
✅Inbox Zero Email Mastery course
✅Digital Marketing Basics course ($value 45)
✅Webinar recordings
✅Video website analysis (value $97)
✅Profile analysis & recommendations
✅SEO Audit of your website (value $97)

Connex+ adds amazing value with additional services, marketing opportunities, and over 200 training videos for less than the cost of a single lunch out each month! 
But we also love our free Connex members and welcome you no matter how you join us.
Choose the plan to match the level of resources you would like to have at your fingertips below: 

Who is Behind Bizmentum?

I am the founder of Bizmentum. I am Garland Coulson, aka "Captain Time" an author, speaker, and coach on time management and digital marketing.
I have many years of experience managing offline business networking groups and building and participating in online communities.
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